OSZ - powerful and exact

The OSZ is the first choice of pneumatic oscillation drives.
The drive unites the highest precision with strong cutting
force - and with a wide variety of materials.

» OSZ drive

Oscillatory Drives for Cutting Blades

Attractive cutting devices for the most demanding materials and applications.

Powerful - Precise - Innovative

That means in Detail
Material thicknesses of up to 100mm are possible, even for materials that are difficult to process. e.g. rubber, cork, hard PVC foam, high temperature seals etc.

The included drive holder guarantees precise positioning, which ensures the same results even when changing the drive. This means that changing all drive types is no problem, because they all fit in the same holder.
We offer several stroke variations in order to achieve the best cutting result for different applications or materials. Even with our pneumatic drives.
In addition, the defined stroke depth prevents cutting into the underlay.

Why 3D printing when you can do 3D cutting? Insert V-grooves in almost all materials.
The oscillating cutting at 30 °, 45 ° and 60 ° angle is possible with a cutting depth of up to 85 mm. The defined stroke depth guarantees the best cutting results.