Fixed Tools

GSB GmbH also offers the possibility to use precision rigid tools. From „V-cut tool“ over „Kiss-Cut“ up to „Creasing Wheel“ in different sizes and application areas – almost anything is realizable.

All tools provide the same collet to ensure quick replacement and maximum flexibility.

Creasing Wheel

  • reliable creasing wheel without damaging and cutting the material
  • A change is possible with a click.
  • Diameter: 20 - 90 mm
    Width: 4 - 22 mm

V-Cut tool 45°

Cuts exact V-grooves up to a cutting length of up to 25 mm. The suitable blade BT-27511 is available from our partner BFT Hartmetall Werkzeuge.

Cutterholder UCT Ø 6er Weldonshank

The Universal Cutting Tool (UCT) is perfect for affordable and effective cutting. The use of drag knives allows maximum processing speeds, and it is as good as maintenance free compared to motor-driven tools, and that at an unbeatable price.